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Lahore, especially in the winters, attracts coffee lovers towards some of the best cafes in the city. It is very easy to find coffee shops in Lahore of some of the famous brands. The sound of a hot steam and the sweet smell of coffee attract almost everyone. People from different aspects of life are fond of coffee.  They like to get together, chatter with the friends while enjoying hot sips of coffee. There are seven most popular types of coffee drinks i.e. Espresso, Cappuccino, Americano, Caffe Latte, Caf au Lait, Caf Mocha (Mochaccino) and Caramel Macchiato. Let’s have a look on the top cafes in Lahore and explore their expertise with coffee.

  • Espresso

Espresso serves thirteen types of hot coffee and ten types of cold coffee with an offer of home delivery in some areas of Lahore. This café is serving in the two metropolitan cities of Pakistan, i.e. Karachi and Lahore. Espresso is located at two unique places in Lahore:
a.    Y Block, DHA
b.    Mall 1, Gulberg
You can find pizzas, desserts, and burgers along with the coffee as well. Espresso coffee house has an active presence on the web ( and the social media.


  • Gloria Jean’s Coffees

It is one of the world’s largest coffee chain. Gloria Jeans was introduced in Pakistan in 2006. It has almost 30 outlets in 12 cities of Pakistan. Gloria Jean is famous for his best coffee in Lahore. You can access this café in Lahore at 13 different locations in Lahore.
The product range of Gloria Jean’s in Pakistan are the flavored drinks and coffees. You will be able to find the complete range of handmade coffee blends.


  • Arcadian Café (Top Cafe in Lahore)

Located at mini market, M.M.Alam Road, Arcadian Café offers a complete range of lattes, mock-tails and coffees. This café is famous for the hygienic and quality food. They serve 9 types of coffee rare to find. It includes COLD COFFEE, IRISH CREAM, VANILLA, CHOCOLATE, HAZELNUT, BUTTERSCOTCH, CARAMEL, CAPPUCCINO, and LATTE.  Arcadian café remains open seven days a week. A reservation can be made online or on call. You can visit for the complete list of menu and contact details.


  • Chaaye Khana

Located at Pearl One, 94 M. M. Alam Road, Chaaye Khana (Tea House) is one of the top cafés in Pakistan. It is specifically designed to serve the complete range of tea. Chaaye Khana has about 70 blends of tea. Chaaye khana offers
Regular Tea that mainly includes Regular and Special tea, Doodh Patti (Tea without water), Peshawari Kehva (Green Tea) and coffee.
Exotic Tea range of Oolong Tea, Herbal Tea, Black Tea and White Tea
And Food for breakfast, Snacks, Sandwiches and Desserts

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  • Cinnabon Bakery Cafe

Cinnabon Bakery Café is great for birthday parties or similar gatherings. In this café, a whole range of Espresso Beverages, Iced Espresso Beverages, Blended Espresso Beverages, Chocolate Beverages and hot tea is served along with other bakery items. Cannabon is famous for its fresh and quality donuts, cupcakes and coffee. This Bakery café offers online menu on and indoor smoking lounge for smokers. Café is located on two points in Lahore. i.e. Y-Block Phase III, DHA and Mehmood Ali Kasoori Road, Gulberg.


  • Masoom’ Coffee & Bake Shop

Masoom’ Coffee & Bake Shop is state of the art coffee and bake shop in Lahore. It is located in the basement of Al-Hafeez Centre at M.M Alam Road and Phase IV – DHA. This shop serves English breakfast, sandwiches, coffee, desserts and burgers. You can find Masoom’s Coffee and Bake shop from 6am in the morning until 1 o clock in the night, 7 days a week. Despite of quality food, few customers complain about the quality of service and indoor designing. However, café is famous for its pancakes and coffee.


  • The Cafe Upstairs

The Café Upstairs is another best cafe in Lahore which  is located at 11 C Main Jail Road, Gulberg with the facility of parking. The café Upstairs serves lunch, dinner and coffee. The café has indoor and open space serving area. This café is a great place for hangouts. Café has not good rating as per the quality of service and foods but the coffee served here is appreciated by many especially Coffee Cake with espresso icing. The Café Upstairs has a good range of tea and milkshakes.

Coffee has been a symbol of taste and choice of pros but the number of coffee lovers is declining in Pakistan. However, in the winters, people like to gather for hot drinks especially coffee and soup. If you have a special taste of coffee or high caffeine consumer, this article will help you find the best place for you in your home town or if you are new in the city. Your feedback in the comments section below will help others with their search. Please share if you have any information or experience with the these cafes in Lahore.

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