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Europe has given the world plenty of things, of them, are the heavenly and the nicest European cities to explore. Bask in the cultural, historic and aesthetic aura of the most beautiful places in Europe from the following list of the top 5. From the Madame Tussauds in London to fancy Venice boat tours, and a trip all the way up to the Eiffel tower, you will find wonders unending.

London, UK

London, the vibrant city, home to the royal family, and the lofty ‘London Eye’, comes off first in the list. It is culturally diverse and one of the best cities in Europe. Climb aboard the breathtaking and daring London Eye, the city’s most thrilling ride overlooking the magnificent skyline. The River Thames is another famous tourist attraction where people come off to repose, having snacks, or read their favorite LIT on the greenery around. There is also the ever-exciting Madame Tussauds, a museum where you’re likely to spot a statue of almost every celebrity. Take pictures, make memories with the Queen in this lovely still-life museum.
London Eye

City of Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is incredibly famous for its delectable food. If you ever pay a visit to this stellar city, you have got to try the Belgian waffles, all dipped in chocolate like velvet. The Grand-place is a major world heritage site that is basically a market on a historical ground of medieval fashion where people come to visit and have a relaxing time. If you hold an appeal for older religious places, then the Art Deco Church, the 5th largest church on the globe is a majestic sight. All in all, you must visit the lush cafes, bars, museums to realize what this mini-Europe is truly like.
Basilica of the Sacred Heart - Brussels

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, known as the “city of a thousand spires” definitely qualifies for the most beautiful places in Europe. There are tons of striking and impressive tourist places that will meet your eye. Get a chance to drive the hippy vinobrani cars all through the cobbled streets of Prague. The Prague castle is the official home of the president, and once home to the Bohemian kings is the most frequently visited spot. The Charles Bridge, one of the ancient bridges of Europe with soaring Gothic gates, and the calming River Vltava that hauntingly engulfs the area is sure to mesmerize you.

Prague Golden

Paris, France

Paris holds the power of love! – and is one of the best European destinations. The first place to hit is, of course, the ever great, ever lofty, Eiffel Tower. View the entire skyline from spectacular heights as you climb up one of the soaring wonders of the world. Another fantastic place to visit is the Louvre museum, which is the most visited art museums of the world hosting global heritage antiquities like that of the Romans, Orientalists, and Egyptians! Visit the Montmartre, the Palace of Versailles, and especially Disney Land Paris to seal the most memorable experience of Europe’s heart.

Venice, Italy

Another best European destination is Venice, famously known as the “City of Water”. Hence, the first thing to do in this gorgeous bustling city is to hop on the gonodola and slowly move across on the iconic waterway, and pass under Grand bridges. The entire city to behold before you! Stacked up on an almost 99m of height, is the Campanile which offers a lovely and often humbling bird’s view of the entire city. Get on board on the vaporetto and tour around the Grand Canal admiring every eye-catching building and splendid waterways. There is nothing like tasting the tantalizing Venetian Cuisine famous for its lagoon fish and polpette. Make sure to visit every one of these places to truly embrace Venice- undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Europe.

7 Best Venice Boat Tours


If you really want to absorb the essence of this wonderful continent, then these are the best and nicest cities in Europe that will truly awaken your spiritual, wandering senses. Get a map, and mark all these beautiful places to go to right now! When and if you do get a vacation, or some time off from the monotony of the usual life, the best way to spend it is exploring the cities of Europe.

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