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Do you love traveling? Are you interested in reading travel stories from all around the world? Do you wish to plan an unforgettable tour, but can’t decide which place is good to go? Well, a well-written Personal Travel Blog can be a great help in these situations. Although traveling became a part of the blogging world much later as compare to other niches, but it has gained huge popularity in less time among adventure lovers. Fortunately, you may find a bunch of similar blogs all over the internet, but the most successful travel blogs are those that are entertaining and informative at the same time. Here is the list of the 40 best personal travel blog sites to satisfy your lust for traveling. Check them out.

Best Female Travel Blogs Ever

A Luxury Travel Blog

If you want to enjoy a luxurious traveling experience, this Personal travel blog is a great consideration. It will help you to find the top-notch restaurants and resorts that can add comfort to your traveling experience. This website has all recent updates from all over the world. So don’t wait, just click on the link and explore the world from the comfort of your home.

Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site

Just as the name reveals, this blog contains all the information a nomadic soul requires to quench his desire of moving around the globe. The site shares two blogs every week that have all the tips, advice, tricks and suggestion to enjoy an economical world tour.

Travel Dudes by Melvin

35 posts in 7 days can make you learn many things from the experience of these passionate travelers. They not just share their experiences, but also give all the necessary tips that may guide you throughout your journey. In short, this blog helps you to do all necessary preparations before setting out for your destination.

Hand Luggage Only by Yaya and Lloyd

Fun, food and flare, this personal travel blog has all the information that would force you to explore the world. With ten posts a week, the travel site engages the reader through the well-clicked photographs of different countries.

LandLopers by Matt Long

It is the blog initiated by the adventure-lover Matt. It has all the pro-traveler information that appears on the website LandLopers.com 10 times a week. Matts describes his traveling experiences so vividly that the reader can actually feel everything happening before their eyes. It encourages the potential travelers to get a break from the normal life and travel the world.

Goats On The Road

This blog is the outcome of the traveling experiences of Nick and Dariece. They set off for traveling in 2008, and now they are renowned not just for their passion of traveling, but also for making money while on the road. This blog has some exciting details for the readers who are planning a trip.

Travel Tales From India

India has always fascinated the travelers. From high mountains to the warm desert, this region is known as a traveler’s paradise. This blog shares the traveling experience of Mridula Dwivedi. She started her journey in June 2005 and is highly appreciated for its information on BBC and the Guardian. Its a female travel blog inspiration for female bloggers

Travel With Bender by Erin and Josh

If you are planning a trip with your family, then this blog named Travel with Bender can be useful. It will help you tp discover the secret of a successful family holiday with children. From resorts and restaurants to safety precautions from a family point of view, it has everything.

The Shooting Star by Shivya Nath

The Shooting Star is a blog by the 23-year-old Shivya Nath. She left her professional career as a corporate for her traveling passion. In her personal blog, she shares her experience with all future travelers throughout the globe.

Pommie Travels by Victoria Brewood

In 2008, Victoria decided to change her lifestyle. So, she kept her degrees aside and opted for exploring the beauty of the world she had never seen before. She inspires the people of her age through the unique experiences. This blog can help the travelers by offering all sorts of tips, tricks, and suggestions.

Twenty Something Travel by Stephanie

This site is a real travel guide for the young travelers. It describes the advantages of making the best use of the youth by traveling.

Nomad is Beautiful by Ivana and Gianni

Ivana and Gianni is a passionate traveling couple. They travel to encourage an eco-friendly world. With their high-quality photographs and great vocabulary, they make the world stand closer to the reader.

Never Ending Voyage by Simon and Erin

Erin and Simon have a lot of information about traveling as they are on the roads now for a long time. They guide, inspire and suggest for a great traveling experience. They also recommend some great apps for the traveling passionate.

Uncornered Market By Dan & Audrey

Dan & Audrey have all the relevant data for the adventure-lover readers. They entertain the visitors through resources, information, tips, and photos of their personal traveling.

Lakshmi Sharath | A Travel Blog Of An Indian Backpacker

Lakshmi Sharath is a renowned Indian travel writer, blogger and travel photographer. She compromised on her corporate career 15 years ago for her traveling passion, and today her experiences are a real guide for all travelers.

NOMADasaurus By Alesha & Jarryd

This blog is run by a traveling couple Alesha and Jarryd who are based in Australia. They share the joy of road traveling with the readers.

Green Global Travel

If you are a health conscious traveler, then this blog is can be an ultimate choice for you. It not just shares the adventure but also the environment issues, eco-tourism and the responsible traveling tips for you.

Love Luxury, Dream Big, Travel Far – Luxury Travel Diary

The blog will give an in-depth insight into the discount rates of various hotels and resorts along with the information on the style and fashion trends of different parts of the world through 25 posts per week.

Emily Luxton Travels

It is a popular UK based travel blog that highlights all related elements of culture, traditions, and food along with the personal stories and guides of Emily Luxton.

Burger Abroad By Amanda Burger

This blog by Amanda is a great online place to learn about vegan travel, house sitting, minimalism and traveling.


It is a family oriented travel blog that gives a stock of information on destinations, cruises, hotels and food around the world.

Travels with Tam By Tam Warner Minton

Tam Warner Minton’s blog is one of its kinds. It not just brings forth her traveling experience but also shares her scuba diving adventures. This blog has an informative collection of travel photographs.

Sweetest Way | Travel & Lifestyle Design By Leah Davis

It is an entertaining traveling blog that gives a detailed account of the experiences of a traveler. His tips and tricks related to some traveling regions of the world are a bank of traveling information.

Trip and Travel Blog

This blog shares three posts in a week. It has a generous detail on all kinds of traveling options, including the related benefits and the hidden wonders of the world around us.

The Blog Abroad By Gloria Atanmo

This blog has little-traveling tips but more focus on the personal experiences of Gloria. The descriptions are penned down in such an engaging manner that even the hardest times of traveling become a fun experience.

Backpacking Matt | Adventure and Lifestyle Blog By Matt Kyhnn

If you want to explore New Zealand in these holidays, then this blog can be a real help. It gives detailed information on all kinds of resorts, hotels that can fit your budget along with the detailed info on the places worth visiting.

Always Wanderlust By Adonis

If you have not experienced much traveling, then this personal travel blog is for you. It can fascinate any new traveler with its beautiful photographic descriptions and amazing stories. This can inspire anyone to switch to a nomadic lifestyle.

Tiki Touring Kiwi by Jub

Jub is a traveling passionate from Australia. He decided to explore different parts of the world, other than his region. He can fascinate the enthusiastic travelers with his traveling zeal and zest.

Food Fun Travel By Tommo & Megsy

If you want to quench the ultimate desire of lovely food, then this blog by Tommo and Megsy can help you learn about the food from 85 countries. They came across these mouth-watering delights while traveling and want others to taste them too.

STA Travel Blog

This has one of the recent traveling stories from across the world that includes all pre-traveling tips too. Information can be related to visas, foreign currency, car hire, and accommodation.

Lonely Planet blog

It is not just a blog but a reliable name in the world of traveling publication. It has everything in the storehouse about our globe that can make your traveling fun. This collection includes guidebooks and eBooks.

Local Adventurer >> Adventures in Portland Travel Blog

If you are looking for an adventure traveling, then this blog will guide you to look into all necessary details about various destinations.

Aussie Flashpacker

The Aussie Flashpacker Travel Blog & Magazine has ample information on luxury, adventure, traveling tips, and inspiring blogs that are updated once in a week.

EscapingAbroad Blog By James Kelley

EscapingAbroad is a media-based travel blog that was started by James Kelly. It gives an extensive visual introduction to the traveling experience through photos, videos, and stories based on his expeditions.

Tracy’s Travel In Times

This is a great Personal Travel Blog for history-lovers. It highlights the decade-long history of the travelling.

Travel to be alive

Travel to be Alive gives an insight into the most incredible places through highly inspiring photographs. It also includes the personal experiences of the bloggers that can be helpful traveling tips.

Travel Intense

It is a highly appreciated effort launched by the award-winning traveling partners Michaela Urban and Eric Vohr. They have all the guideline that a traveler might be looking for a smooth journey.

Victor’s Travels By Victor Eekhof

Victor Eekhof’s traveling tips is are highly informative that can assist you in planning safe and economic tours to your dream destination.

Live Dream Discover

Planning a safe traveling program to the new place is crucial. To keep your journey safe and healthy follow the Live Dream discovers blog for tips and tricks.

Indian Travel Blogger, Sharing Experience To The World

Nivedita and Saurabh are not just the web developers and webmasters, but also great travelers. They love to explore the globe and then share their experiences with the world. This blog has a list of 200 unique destinations that they want to explore till 2020.

Traveling is fun. It can be a lifetime experience if all pre-travelling measures are made successfully. There is no need to get baffled. These blogs have all that you need. So, select a best Personal Travel Blog from the list and explore the world through the eyes of the blogger.

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