Best Exotic Places to Propose in The World


Engaging in a lasting relationship is one of the most memorable moments in life and lovers search for the best places to propose. There are many historical romantic places around the world, famous after the legends of love. Couples from all over the world come to these exotic places to propose in a romantic place. Let’s have a look at some of the best exotic places to help you find the ultimate place to make an unforgettable proposal.

Paris, France

Paris is often regarded as the city of love and there are many places around the city which can be ideal for proposing. The temple of love is located on a small island in the middle of a lake connected with a bridge. The wall of love in Paris chants “I love you” in every language. This 40 square meter wall is situated at Montmartre and is a symbol of love and peace where couples come to create and revive romance. Experience Tango dancing along the Seine and you will fall in love with Paris as well. Want to take a better look on Paris? Try renting a scooter for around €45 a day. Eiffel Tower in Paris attracts millions around the globe and also serves as a perfect spot to propose.

Disney, USA

Some may find it hard to believe that Disney is included in top romantic places for a proposal. Venezia, the Italian water taxi, is the best ride to book for romance on the water surface. Moreover, you can try Vintage Amphicars that can run on the land as well as float on the water. Disney land is a majestic place where you will find couples everywhere. Walk on the beach in front of Disney if you are looking for some lonely time with your partner and watch the famous Magic Kingdom fireworks.
Disney- USA

Hot Air Balloon Ride, Dubai

The world’s most qualified company, Platinum Heritage, operates hot air balloon ride in Dubai. Tourists can’t miss this breathtaking ride over the desert of Dubai. The balloon rises to 4,000 feet and tourists enjoy the ride for approximately one hour. The view of sunrise and sunset, golden sands, wandering camels and flying with the world’s fastest animal leaves unforgettable marks on the memories. Amigos Balloons fly in the morning and last for an hour to explore the sunrise. This adventure costs AED 1100 per person, but it worth it if you are planning for an unforgettable proposal.

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Quebec, Canada

Quebec is Canada’s top romantic place and also the birthplace of French Canada and home to many romantic restaurants. The city attracts thousands of tourists and offers a lot of when it comes to romance. Float above the city in a hot air balloon with your partner for unforgettable memories. The Carriage ride around the old Quebec is always ready to take you on a mythical ride. Discover Palace Royale and admire the unique star-shaped structure March to La Citadelle and spectacular views from Hop Aboard the

Venice, Italy

Venice is a crowded city with tourists and couples everywhere. If you are planning to visit the city on a honeymoon or intend to spend memorable time with your sweetheart, Venice is one of the best choices. The city is always full of surprises and is famous for its romantic hotels, flowers, and vine. Five-star hotels offer matchless luxury and special attention if you mention the reason behind your trip. You will love to share Gondola ride with your partner and vist Accademia Bridge where some famous celebrities were also proposed.

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Maldives consists of small islands offering stunning views of the ocean waves. It’s a heaven for water sports, scuba diving, cruise trip, fishing, and surfing. Enjoy spectacular views of sunset and sunrise at Island Hopping. You can swim with the sharks the whole day without fear. In order to boost your romantic experience, just go out in the night on the boat and witness sparkling stars and a full moon shining in the sky with its reflection mesmerizing the waters below.

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Santorini, Greece

With its beauty making it to desktop wallpapers, Santorini is ranked among top honeymoon islands. The island hosts over 1.4 million tourists every year. It’s multi-colored cliffs and volcanic sands offer dazzling views at the time of sunset. You can enjoy cruise ride, ancient sites, and collection of finest arts in the world. The winemakers here excel in producing premium wines, which are famous across the globe.

With an extraordinary influence in our lives, romance ignites a spark that makes people do amazing things in life. To enhance romance and inspire the loved ones, a perfect environment to express our feelings is just what we need. That’s why couples want to spend some time in these romantic places. If you have any experience or information about these top places to propose, you can also help others by commenting in the section below.

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