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Our country has been blessed with thick green valleys and pristine sceneries that truly qualify for some of the best resorts in Pakistan. From the breathtaking Nathia Gali to the Neelum Valley in Kashmir, further meandering southwards to the greenery of Gilgit-Baltistan here are some of the most aesthetically pleasing sites to visit. Whether you’re a lone traveler, enjoying a honeymoon with your beloved, or simply out with your crew, we’ve got you covered!

Nathia Gali, KPK

Nathia Gali is a picturesque hill station in the Abbottabad district of KPK. This mountain resort is laced with lush pine forests and soaring, colorful maple and oak trees. You will encounter northern wildlife and dense snowfall all through May and August.
Popularly known as ‘heaven on earth’, Nathia Gali is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan for the honeymoon. Offering cheap rates on hotels and guest houses, you couldn’t ask for more. here are several good Nathia Gali guest houses such as Additional Cottage and Hotel Elites Nathia Gali.

Nathia Gali Pakistan Resorts
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Neelum Valley, Kashmir

The Neelum Valley is an enchanting panorama stretching 240 km wide in the heart of Azad Kashmir. Literally, the “Blue Gem valley”, Neelum is a host of gushing freshwater streams and tall moss-ridden forests. You will also see frothy-white cataracts pouring down the mountains before it unites with River Neelum. If you’re a traveler seeking the quietude of nature, this is the best place to rest after a long journey.
Neelum Valley Pakistan

Desoi Plains, Karakoram

Desoi Plains resting on the edge of Karakoram and western Himalayas are clad in snow 8 months of the year till they unveil their beauty in the Summers. Blooming into deep-colored wild flowers and not a single tree to be seen, Desoi is a magical land of sprawling colors. With snow-capped mountains and a deep blue lake, this is one of the definite places to visit in Pakistan.

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Deosai Plains Karakoram

Shangrila Resort, Skardu

Into the endmost North, is the secluded, serene valley of Skardu. The pride of Gilgit-Baltistan, this landscape is surrounded by humungous mountains, feathery snow, and spellbinding flora. Further, in the valley lies the most famous tourist spot, the Shangrila gardens, which are quite frankly, an ethereal paradise.
Along with a warm rest house, an aircraft shaped restaurant, and the wonderful hospitality of the local peoples, this is everything the wanderer in you needs.

Shangrila Resorts

Rama Meadows, Gilgit-Baltistan

The Rama Meadows, on the southern ridges of Nanga Parbat, is a gift of nature. Milky-white streams, icy breeze, peaceful cows and sheep grazing in the distance and soaring pine trees is the whole package. The meadows are perfect for camping.
Lit the campfire, erect your tents and lie under the balmy stars of the night sky. Not to mention, Chongra’s ice-clad peak in the backdrop makes it one of the best resorts in Pakistan.
Rama Meadows Pakistan

Kalash Valley, Chitral

The Kalash Valley in the Chitral district, engulfed by the Hindukush, is an exotic area of a community that bears resemblance to the older Greek culture! A nice tourist spot, the locals there are warm and welcoming. Not to mention, the game of Polo is their most iconic sport.
Look forward to enjoying brewing hot tea and freshly baked naans, with a thrilling Polo round here in the beautiful valley of Kalash. Come with your lover, a friend or family, you will always be welcomed.

Kalash Valley

PC, Bhurban

One of the many Pearl continental hotels located in Bhurban, Murree is also one of the best resorts in Pakistan. The area is surrounded by blossoming scenic beauty while at the same being an urban, luxurious vacationing spot. If summers in your town are too hot for you, then you should visit Bhurban to let in the fresh, minty air.

PC Bhurban

Ziarat, Balochistan

Ziarat is a popular holiday resort and tourist spot in Quetta, without visiting which your trip is incomplete. It is a nice wooded environment with scenic hills and a pleasant weather all through the summers, while there is light snowfall in winters. Be sure to visit this hill station and take lots of pictures of the historic sites.
Ziarat Balochistan

Ayubia, Murree

Ayubia, a summertime resort along the Murree Hills is hugely popular with visitors from all over Pakistan. Families come in to enjoy the warm and pleasant weather from April to September while snow covers most of the area other times. The chairlift rides, alpine skiing and bird watching are popular activities that are fun and enjoyable.
Ayubia Murree

Bahawalpur, Punjab

With a myriad of historical buildings, parks, and monuments, Bahawalpur is a lush city on the banks of the Sutlej River, in the greens of Punjab. Along with its share of desert areas, dense shrubs, and beautiful gardens, this place is sure to impress you with its historic uniqueness and beauty. Bahawalpur is for sure a well-chosen place to visit in Pakistan.
Bahawalpur Punjab
So, these are the ten best resorts in Pakistan that are most certainly worth your time, money and admiration. Take a break from the hectic daily grind and book any of these beautiful places to enjoy your vacation.

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