7 Best Venice Boat Tours


Venice is no doubt a place of dreams, especially for people who love boating. Boat tours would offer the tourists a thorough visit throughout the city while enjoying all it monumental places as well as the natural charm. This is why we have gathered information about the 7 best Venice boat tours which will make your trip worth all the money spent.

Private Grand Canal & Minor Canals Boat Tour

Duration: 2 hours
Suitable for: all ages

The private Grand Canal boat tour is perhaps one of the best private boat tours in Venice. It offers ideal sightseeing of the city as one travels around the Grand Canal and other minor canals. The presence of an expert local guide will make this tour more informative as one continues to explore the authenticity of the Venice culture and traditions.

The tourists are introduced to several splendid palaces, gardens, churches, warehouses and bridges. Moreover, one will also be enlightened about the history of different palaces and the famous people who lived here. The lesser common place of the Venice will also be visited such as Jewish Ghetto or Palladio’s Redentore, perhaps the underrated places of this charming city.

Venice Gondola ride experience

Duration: 30 minutes
Not suitable for handicap visitors

The Gondola ride experience might be the most quintessential sight-seeing experience, especially for a new visitor. The Gondola is a unique kind of boat, its crescent shaped hull and forcole allows the Gondelieri to position their oars in different ways. This is actually the basis of the secret of how long and slender crafts can navigate the intricate canal network in Venice.
In this tour, you are likely to visit the soaring Venetian Palaces, which will renew the medieval time transport system for Venetian nobility

Private Venice Murano & Burano Islands Excursion

Duration: 4 hours

Although it is a long one, it is one of the most informative Boat Tours in Venice. This trip takes the tourists for a visit of the enchanting Murano and Burano Islands. Burano is famous for its lace making industry, colorful fishing village like areas ad their pastel shaded houses.
The Murano Island is famous for hand blown glass and the related articles, and the tourists will be taken to a selected glass factory and will be shown a demonstration. Depending upon time duration, a visit to Glass museum will also be arranged

Small Group Grand Canal & Secret Venice Boat Tours

Duration: 2 hours

This small group tour is one of the most highly rated Venice boat tours. It takes the visitors to rarely seen places, and follows the route of Grand Canal along with some minor canals. A highly qualified English speaking guide will deliver all the information to make the tour more informative and memorable for the tourists. It includes places such as Porta dell’Acqua, Jewish Ghetto and others.

Grand Canal Boat Tours

Duration: 60/70 minutes

For the tourists who are short of time, this tour is one of the most ideal Venice Boat Tours. It will be conducted in a luxurious motor launch and will take you to Grand Canal at a most relaxed pace for greater enjoyment, one will be able to visit the renounced palaces of Venice such as famous bridges, churches, grand palaces etc. the latter half of trip will be conducted through minor canals, and it is guided by an experienced guide for a more history enriching experience.

St. Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace tour

Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes

Visit Venice and not go to St. Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace? Impossible! For the more enthusiastic tourists, this tour allows the visit to the two of most historical places of Venice. It allows one to marvel at the intricate mosaics in St. Mark’s basilica. In the Doge’s palace, the visitors can freely roam in the rooms where Doges once lived and ruled. An expert guide is available to deliver historic information about these places.

Venice Food Tour

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Visit to a historic place without tasting their food is also a great miss. One of the best and my most favorite boat tours is the food tour. It takes visitors to 5 of the city’s best eateries and other small places of local specialties as well. A food loving guide will be there for all your suggestions and tastings!

So, these are the 7 of the best Venice Boat tours. If I would be in Venice, I would be taking all of them for sure. However, some of the tours are not suitable for people on Wheel chairs; hence they should select alternate tours. Happy VENICE Visiting!

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