10 Breathtaking Public Beaches in Dubai


One of the most famous places on earth which is renowned for its world-class tourism facilities and some wonderful skyscrapers is Dubai. Being known as the Land of Arabs, it is one of the best places on earth which is also referred as heaven on earth sometimes. With tall skyscrapers and amazing beaches, Dubai can be a great place to visit in holidays or even spend a honeymoon with your loved one. If you ever get a chance to visit Dubai, do visit some of the beaches over there because they are simply jaw-dropping. However, certain important things must be kept in mind for being on the beaches of Dubai.

Dubai Public Beach Rules

As Dubai is an Islamic state, you might have to keep yourself under some rules and restrictions at the Public beaches in Dubai but don’t worry, they are not that much of an issue and you can easily follow them.

  • You can’t wear what you regularly wear at the beach. Dubai Beaches Dress Code is slightly different. A full swimsuit or clothes which cover the majority of the body are a must for women especially. On the other hand, for men, boxers can be worn. These cannot be worn outside of beach.
  • Wearing of thongs is not recommended at all
  • Topless sunbathing is not at all allowed
  • Don’t use drugs or smoke. This rule does not only imply to the beach but for the whole of Dubai. Special exceptions can be there at the clubs
  • Stay safe because the sea might look calm but there are strong tidal winds which can be of danger sometimes. Do realize the importance of warning signs
  • Do not throw litter here or there. You can be fined for that.
  • Men are not allowed on beaches on ladies days’.

There are several different Public Beaches in Dubai out of which you should be visiting the following ten as a MUST.

Jumeirah Beach

Dubai is famous for this beach. The Jumeirah Beach is where tourists love to go the most. It is a Free Dubai Beach and you can have a great view of the grand Burj Al Arab hotel from here as well. There is Umm Suqeim Park nearby which has grass instead of sand. This beach is totally open and barely any shade or sunbeds are here. Not a lot of facilities are there but a breathtaking view is definitely there in the evening when you see the sun setting and Burj Al Arab glowing. It’s a beautiful and romantic view. People take surfing lessons over here because it has the slightly calm sea. A number of restaurants are now opening here and you can have a fun time playing Frisbee or rugby as well.

Jumeirah Dubai Public Beach

Al Mamzar Beach Park

An all time favorite of many tourists is the Al Mamzar Beach Park. There is a small entry fee for this Public Beach in Dubai. There are several different facilities and fun activities over here including sunshades for hire, adequate changing, showering and toilet facilities, plus various park-like facilities, possibly swimming pools, kid’s play areas, BBQs & picnic areas and the odd kiosk or two. You can even take an air conditioned private bungalow on rent. There are crowds over here and you might enjoy the company of a few Arabs as well. Just make sure you are strictly following the mentioned rules.
Al Mamzar Beach Dubai Night View

Kite Beach

One of the most Famous Beaches in Dubai is the Kite Beach. As the name says, this beach is basically known for kite flying. For kite lovers, this can be a great Public Beach in Dubai. Earlier on, they used to allow barbecue parties over here but now it has been banned. There is partial shade and numerous wooden umbrellas are nearby as well. It’s a slightly better one as compared to the Jumeirah Beach because there are several different facilities including Changing rooms, vending machines, kiosks and many other facilities as well.
Dubai Kite Public Beach

Jumeirah Beach Park

The Jumeirah Beach Park is also one of the best Public Beaches in Dubai. It is located at an ideal place where most tourists can easily access it and have been given the blue flag rating which makes it one of the safest and most desirable beaches for tourists. Not only there is sand, but there are grassy areas with tall palm trees as well and there are several street brawlers as well as proper cafes nearby for you to have a good time in your snack. This place has got several different types of facilities such as lifeguard, showers, proper toilets, beach huts and much more. Only 5 dirhams are required to get in and have fun worth more than anything. There is a special staff which consists of women specially made for ladies-day-only to make sure that the activities at the beach go as normal without disturbing or bothering the female visitors.
Jumeirah Beach Park Dubai

Jebel Ali Beach

The Jebel Ali Beach is also one of Dubai’s Best Beaches which is located right next to the Jebel Ali Beach resort. The beach is now getting smaller due to waterfront construction. Kite flying is a common activity on this beach as well. Near to it are a few restaurants and places to hang out. It is recommended not to go too much into the sea over here because there might be strong currents at some times. Overall, this beach is going to be a good choice for you and you will enjoy the amazing places nearby it and the view of the palm area.
Jebel Ali Public Beach Dubai

Ghantoot Beach

If you have a good budget for your tour, you might as well visit the Ghantoot beach as well. Located just beside the Golden tulip hotel, it is a great one for hanging out because there are several different types of facilities which any tourist can enjoy for a one-time fee of 100 dirhams. There is a water sports club where you can have fun with several different types of water sports including banana boating, water skiing, wakeboarding, and many others as well. With the same fee, you can also enjoy the volleyball nets, swimming pools, bars, and cafes. Barbecues can be awesome at this place as well.
Ghantoot Public Beach Dubai

The Palace Beach

The Palace Beach is another one in the list of Public Beaches in Dubai. The best thing about this beach is the fact that it has the calmest waters and you can have a good time in the water as well. There are great views of Palm Jumeirah and Burj-al-Arab from over here. It is known as the Palace beach because it is located between the two royal Fortresses of Dubai. It is not usually used by tourists but some do prefer it for the calmness and the amazing sunset view.

4 x 4 Beach

As the name says, this Public Beach in Dubai is known for automobile lovers. You can park your vehicle on the beach but up to certain limitations beyond which access has been restricted. There are not many things around and even though there is completely no shade, it appears to give you a soothing view of the sun setting in the sea.

Royal Island Beach Club

Well, as the name suggests, this place is a true name of heaven and a dream of everyone. The Royal Island Beach Club is an expensive one but rather worth the money being paid for. A cost of 500 dirhams per person is required to visit it. You would be visiting the first world development island which would be an impressive place to see. There are more than 8 chalets (small yet luxury huts), a restaurant, swimming pool, two beach areas, proper beach facilities, and a great and calm experience of beach enjoyment with your loved one(s). A ferry takes you from mainland to Royal island where this beach club is situated.
Dubai Royal Island Beach Club Dubai

Mercato Beach

The Mercato Beach is a small beach off the Jumeirah beach road and is a great place to relax in. There are calm waves and the water almost looks like a lake because there is a huge piece of land right in front of it. There are minor facilities available such as sunbeds and soccer nets which make it a good place to relax at without any crowd of people around.
Mercato Beach Dubai

No doubt, Dubai is one of the most wonderful places on earth to be visited. We recommend all our readers to visit Dubai and the amazing Public Beaches in Dubai which are mentioned above. Just make sure you are following all the rules and carrying all the important equipment and things with you along. This can include water, sunglasses, caps, long cloth, and suntan creams. In case you are planning to go right now, do keep a to-visit list of at least 5 of the ones mentioned above. Hope you have a great time at Dubai and enjoy the best out of it.

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