7 Free Travel Apps for Apple Watch


Travel apps for Apple Watch have certainly been on the rise lately given the fact that they are so easy to download on your watch and some of them are even free of cost. With the arrival of Apple watch came a long list of travel apps that will do everything for you from making reservations at a certain resort or unlocking a hotel room. These travel apps for apple watch aim to speed up things at your convenience and ease. While there are numerous such travel apps that you could possibly get for your watch, however, you only need to know the top 7 free apps that will transform your travel experience.


This is one name that most travelers are usually familiar with. It is one of the most reliable travel advisor apps that is just a click away on your apple watch. Before you head out on your trip, you can check a gazillion reviews, maps, photos, best food joints and hotels, attractions sites etc on this app posted by other genuine travelers. This will help you make the most of your trip without having to fuss about these details. All the information you need is there on your wrist.
Download Trip Advisor Travel App


This app has been hailed as the best travel app introduced to New York City by New York Times. It is an amazing app for urban transit for all those people who love to travel alone. It acts as a guide to public transport, shows you the fastest routes to where you want to go, leads you through complicated streets and areas of whichever city you are in and also provides you with step-by-step instructions for catching the nearest train or bus.
Download CityMapper App


This is another trusted and reliable name when it comes to travel apps for Apple watch. With this app, you can easily book a hotel, a flight, a rental car any other such activities. The app goes on to put details of the flights and information of the hotels on your wrist and also notifies you if there have any changes or service disruptions. The main goal here is to provide quick access to travelers about particular information like terminals, gates, phone numbers, check-in and check-out times etc.
Download Free Expedia App


While traveling, it may happen with you that you end up in a place where you don’t understand the native language. To be able to do that, Babbel is here to your rescue. It helps you speak and understand the language of native speakers. The app has inbuilt international languages like Spanish, German, French, Turkish, Swedish, etc. it helps you decipher sign boards and particularly helps you bars, restaurants, cafes, taxi stands, etc, where you might need to communicate in a different language.
Download Babble App


Travel apps for apple watch know no bounds when you speak of travelers’ convenience and satisfaction. This app lets you forget the hassle of fiddling with the keys of your hotel room door. With this, you can unlock your room with a single casual flick. The app also helps to review reservation details, guiding you to a hotel and preventing the need to print a reservation or waiting in line at the reception desk.
Download SPG Travel App for iWatch


When you are traveling, you would definitely want to know about the best food joints, shopping areas or places to have drinks. This app gives you all the information you need regarding these areas and will provide you with details like the must-visit food alleys, the best delicacy served in which restaurant or the most romantic place to go to with your partner.
Download Foursquare  App for Apple Watch


Gone are the days when you needed to run back to your hotel room because you forgot to lock the door. With this amazing app, you can easily keep an eye on your house or hotel from wherever you are. You can control your key devices back at home, enable or disable the security panel, turn on or off your lights or even set the ideal temperature.
Download Alarm.com App

Travelling as never been made this easy as it is now with these amazing travel apps. One can now plan a vacation or a trip with zero hassle or inconvenience. Now very time you head out to your favorite destination, make sure to get these travel apps for apple watch so that you can make the most out of your trip without worrying too much.

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