Top 15 Fun Places in Lahore You Should Not Miss


One of the most famous and populated urban areas of Pakistan includes the great and historically famous city of Lahore. Lahore is known as the heart of Pakistan since different cultures and types of people live here. Furthermore, it is known as the land of emperors since Mughal Emperor Akbar had built his own fort there. Lahore has expanded widely over the past many years and the rate of development is continuing to increase since it is political, socially, economically and financially stable. Being one of the most developed urban centers of Pakistan, Lahore has a lot which you can visit if you are on your vacation. Below mentioned are the top 15 fun places in Lahore which you must visit.



Walled City of Lahore (Androon Shehr)

Coming under the list of Top 15 Fun Places in Lahore, The walled city of Lahore is basically the older part of Lahore. When Lahore was only in the area of seven doors, it became to be known as Walled city Lahore. Today, when Lahore has expanded so much, it still stays as an important place for tourists to visit and enjoy their day among the true culture of Lahore. Have your great day as Lahoris are open-hearted and welcome their guest in the most exceptional way. Many agencies work for the promotion and development of tourist activities here. Famous places include Mughal Fort, The Badshahi Masjid, and Food Street. The fort and Badshahi Masjid are amazing pieces of architecture and art made in the time of Mughals. On the other hand, a food street is a great place for all the different types of foods available in Lahore.

Old City Lahore

Emporium Mall

One of its finest ones in Lahore is the Emporium Mall. Being under the ownership of Nishat Group, this can be one of the best outing places in Lahore. This mall has literally everything. There are several different brands including clothing and fashion which run here. Moreover, there is an international based Grocery store as well by the name of Hyperstar. Cinema and Food court are also available on the top most floor. Future developments are expected for the Emporium mall since its overall design, structure, and location has attracted several investors. The Emporium Mall is located near Johar town at almost a 5 minutes’ drive from Wapda Town Roundabout.
Emporium Mall Lahore

Cafe Royale London

Based on a coffee shop in London, it is one of the best coffee shops in Lahore and you have a lot of options to try out here. There are different lounges such as Royale Cigar Lounge, Signature Lounge, Gaming Lounge, Reader Lounge, Privilege Lounge, and Basement Lounge. Each one has an exceptional design. The taste of almost all the things here is so great that it is irresistible. Even though it is new, it is being loved by several customers. If you want a great coffee, do visit Cafe Royale London of Phase V Defence Housing Authority.
Cafe Royle London Lahore

BBQ Tonight

Another one from the places to visit in Lahore is BBQ tonight (Barbecue Tonight). Being famous for outstanding food and specialty in barbecue, this place should be a must-visit for every person in Lahore. It is located near Nishat Hotel at MM Alam extension. Get there and have a food beyond the expectations of your taste and enjoy!

BBQ Tonight Lahore

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Fortress Stadium

Coming under the area of Army, the fortress stadium is located near the Cantt of Lahore, just adjacent to the Mia Mir Bridge. The stadium itself is barely used but the surrounding commercial area is always up. There is Joyland Adventure Rides Park for kids along with the famous grocery store Hyperstar. Other than that there are many famous brands and popular restaurants which operate here. Occasionally, the stadium is used for Hockey Matches or Polo matches. Recently, Fortress Square Mall has been launched which is similar to a regular mall having different branded outlets, a cinema, and a food court as well. It is also one of the top 15 fun places in Lahore.
Fortress Stadium Lahore

Bahria Town

One of the most favorite places for investors and property dealers is Bahria Town of Lahore. It is famous for its ideal location, design, security, houses and this is the reason why there is a lot of property dealing over here. What makes it an attraction for tourists then? Well, if you haven’t visited Paris but you visit Bahria Town, you would feel that you are at the same place since Bahria Town has its own Prototype Eiffel Tower built. Furthermore, Grand Jamia Masjid which is the second largest masjid of Lahore and among the top 10 of Pakistan, is located over here. It is one of the best hang out places in Lahore.

Bahria Town Lahore

Liberty Market

The area is widely known for women’s shopping as hundreds of shops and street sellers are here for their everyday living. Men can go here for shopping too but it has been mainly known for women shopping. Located near Gulberg, Liberty is a U-shaped walkway where there are shop sellers and famous brands along with street vendors which mean there is a target for both low-budget and high-budget people.

Liberty Market Lahore

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Packages Mall

Soon to open, the Packages Mall is expected to hit Lahore with a major BOOM. Since it is going to be a tough competition for the Emporium Mall, the Packages Mall is expected to have everything under one roof including offices, hotels, malls, grocery shop, Hyperstar, Offices, and much more. It will open up on 20th April 2017 and is expected to rise soon and target various different class communities. It is located near the Walton Road.
Packages Mall Lahore

Model Town

Model Town is basically a residential area which starts near the Kalma Chowk and extends over to Township area of Lahore. The model town has some great parks including the famous Model Town Park. There is also the popular and crowded Model Town Link road where people with all budgets come for shopping. Several new malls such as the Amanah Mall have been opened here recently.

Model Town Lahore

The Mall Road

Another very famous place for shopping and exploring the old culture of Lahore is the Mall Road which has several food vendors, street sellers, big malls, small shops, and all other types of diversities as well. You would see many historical places of Lahore here including Lahore high court, Punjab Assembly, General Post Office, The Government College Lahore and other places as well. Do eat the famous “Bun-Kebab” and “Chaman’s Ice-cream” if you visit there.

Mall Road Lahore

Shalimar Gardens

Another great piece of architecture by the Mughals are the Shalimar Gardens which exist near the GT road Baghbanpura. They are an amazing spot for a picnic and have a mesmerizing view as well since the buildings and overall land is so beautiful. All these different things show the variation in the culture of Lahore.

Shalimar Gardens Lahore

Lahore Zoo Safari

Imagine an open lion approaching your car and because you are in its cage. This is exactly what happens at Lahore Zoo Safari where you sit in your car and watch the wild lions roam around. A good distance is kept between the lions and cars. There is a place for birds as well where you can walk around with different birds flying near you. It is a great experience for animal lovers.

Lahore Zoo Safari

Lahore Zoo

In case you want to see all the animals around you, you must visit the Lahore zoo since it is one of the top fun 15 places of Lahore. Have a good day with your family and watch the animals nearby with small food vendors nearby as well.

Lahore Zoo

Lahore Museum

The Lahore Museum is one of the most historic places of Lahore which has a lot of stuff to be seen including the different types of coins, architecture by elephant teeth, and other important religious historical artifacts as well. It is the last one in the list of top 15 fun places in Lahore.
Lahore Museum

Top 10 Things to Do in Lahore

There should be a list of things which you should be doing in Lahore since all these are affordable and a must-have for you too.

  • Have a long drive on the Ring road
  • Travel in the Public Transport and see the underground system as well
  • Visit the farthest places to explore the most
  • Ride on a Tonga
  • Ride on a Rickshaw or Qingqi as well
  • Visit the commercial areas of Defence
  • Eat the food from Food street of Lahore
  • Taste the special Lahori Chargha
  • Get some souvenirs for a memorable trip
  • Try shopping at a low-budget market

Lahore is surely a wonderful place to visit and we recommend all our viewers to visit Lahore at least once in their life. It is a highly secure place with several different security agencies having a complete check and cover on it all the time. Make sure you visit the top 15 fun places in Lahore for your ultimate tour of Lahore.

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