How To Prevent Forest Fires When Camping


Camping trips can be a lot of fun, but it takes a very responsible person to spend time in the great outdoors. If you’re thinking about taking a trip with your family, it’s important to be prepared for any contingency, especially when it comes to fire. Most campsites need a fire, either for warmth or to cook over, so everyone in the family should be aware of where the fire pit is and how to stay safe around it.

From bringing the right tools to stay safe to educating your children about the dangers of fire, there are many things you can do to ensure your family has fun without worrying about any mishaps. Here are some of the best ways to get started.

  • Educate Everyone

Talk to your family about the best ways to stay safe around fire. This includes:

  • only letting adults handle the matches or lighter
  • staying well away from a campfire, which should always have a rock barrier
  • keeping a bucket of sand or water nearby in case of emergency
  • how to handle a burn
  • never touching a grill or the equipment that comes with it
  • wear form-fitting clothing when lighting a fire

Remember to never leave a campfire unattended, and make sure it’s completely out before you leave. The best way to do this is to pour water on it until you don’t hear a hissing noise anymore.

  • Prepare Your Vehicle

Whether you’re driving a car or an RV to the campsite, make sure there’s a fire extinguisher on board and have the oil changed before the trip. Making sure the engine is in good shape will give you peace of mind while you’re driving and keep everyone safe. If your RV has a stove inside, go over the rules about its use with your family.

When you get to the campsite, make sure the vehicle is parked in an area where there’s no tall grass. Pull any weeds away from the exhaust system as soon as you arrive.

For more info on how to prepare your RV for a camping trip, read on here.

  • Careful Around The Grill

Many campouts include a cookout, so if you’re manning the grill, make sure you have the proper tools to do so. Gloves and a fire extinguisher are must-haves. Make sure the fire is completely out before moving on or going to sleep. Never leave food on the grill, as it could either catch fire or attract animals. Never allow children to play around or run near the grill, as it could be knocked over.

It’s also best to keep the grill well away from your tent and campout area, but you should still invest in a flame-retardant tent.

  • Check The Weather Reports

Very hot, dry weather can be conducive to forest fires, so check the weather reports before your trip. Never leave an accelerate–such as lighter fluid–on the ground in hot weather. Refrain from smoking at your campsite and be very careful about handling alcohol around the campfire.

  • Use Caution Around Gas Canisters

Many campers use gas canisters for lanterns and cooking, so check these to make sure they’re in good working order before using them. Always double-check connections and use a funnel when filling a tank or container. Do not store these near an open fire or in an area that receives direct sunlight.

Camping can be a very fun experience, especially when you’re with your family members. With a good plan and some safety preparations, you can ensure that everyone has a great time while staying worry-free.

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