30 Travel Tips You Need To Know Before Visiting Malaysia


Whether you are planning on an ordinary vacation, or you are planning to have a good honeymoon with your dear one, Malaysia seems to be a perfect choice. Malaysia itself is known globally for its tourist attractions and famous spots. People prefer to visit Malaysia over other states. However, before going to Malaysia, you need to have some Malaysia Travel Tips so that you have one of the most memorable trips ever. The following Malaysia Travel Guide will help you in having the tips for roaming around in Malaysia.

  • Don’t be overburdened with the Money

One of the most important things which must be kept in mind when traveling is the fact that you must have a good amount of cash to make your trip good. However, this is not the case with Malaysia. Shopping is the most attractive things for tourists over here. The prices of goods are very cheap. You can find cameras, cosmetics, perfumes, watches, mobile phones and several different types of electronic items comparatively cheaper because all the items over here are duty-free. This is one of the most important Malaysia Travel Tips.

  • Festival time is best

Malaysia is a state where people belong to several different religions and cultures even though, most of the population here is practices Islam, you will find Sikhs, Buddhists, Hindus, and many others as well. Not only religious festivals but several other festivals such as the Thaipusam, Hari Raya Aidil Fitri Hari Raya Puasa, Chinese New Year and many others take place over here. This ultimately leads to the vast celebration of festivals. Malaysian festivals are known to be the best because it is the peak time and there is an aroma of happiness spread everywhere and there is a celebration on a vast scale. Malaysian festivals are one of the best ones in the whole world and this is why you should be planning your trip at a time when they are having a festival.

  • Plan your Transport

The transport system of Malaysia is not a great one. You will see reckless taxi and bus drivers with passengers moving back and forth. This might lead you to a great frustration and bother as well. The taxis are expensive as they are paid on the basis of per person.

  • Don’t Drink excessively

Being a Muslim-dominated state, drinking does not frown. The cost of a single beer bottle is too expensive and it is recommended that you don’t drink a lot in Malaysia if you want your hard-earned money to be saved for other uses. This comes under your list of things not to do in Malaysia.

  • Pack Light Luggage

If you want your trip to be a good one, pack as minimum as you can. We suggest you do this because most likely, on your return, you would be having some extra luggage. Generally speaking, excessive luggage becomes a bother as well.

  • Malaysia Travel Tips for clothing

The weather in Malaysia is mostly hot and humid. Even though there is no particular dress code, you should be covering yourself fully in non-tourist areas and you can be a bit liberal in the tourist areas. T-shirts and shorts are quite acceptable and you should get some raincoat as well because rain is quite frequent at Malaysia.

  • Visit the maximum of famous spots

Malaysia is a country full of tourist attractions and famous spots. You should be visiting the Petronas Twin towers which is one of the most famous places over there. Dive at the Perhentian Islands and visit the Sarawak Cultural Village to find out more about the cultural importance at Malaysia. There are a lot of places to travel and before traveling, you should make a list of which ones to visit in a specific order.

  • Packing list for Malaysia

One of the very main and important Malaysia Travel Tips is the packing list which must be kept in mind before proceeding on. Tickets, Money (cash and cards), Passport, A copy of your travel insurance details, a list of emergency contacts at home and in Malaysia, Your hotel address written in Malaysian (and any other important information such as food allergies), Chargers and a type G power adapter, Mosquito repellent and mosquito-proof clothing, Modest clothing that reaches to at least the knees and elbows and Any regular medication can be used.

  • Don’t break the rules

The behavioral rules and several other accustoms in Malaysia are Islamic somehow and not as much liberal. Being slightly conservative, it is recommended that you don’t shake hand with the opposite gender or offend the locals taking their religion or culture as a point. These are the most prominent things not to do in Malaysia.

  • Make a proper schedule

Plan your trip in the best way possible. This is another important Malaysia Travel tip because, in Malaysia, there can be too many hassles of traffic at times. In case you plan to leave for your flight at 4 if it is leaving at 6, you might reconsider your decision and try not to underestimate the traffic. Try to make a daily schedule with time being kept as the most important factor.

  • Nature lovers do not miss Borneo

If you are a nature lover, keep Borneo on the top of your list. It has the highest mountain over there with several other natural highlights as well making it a relaxed and soothing atmosphere.

  • Learn a few words of Bahasa

It is not essential to speak Bahasa at Malaysia but you should be learning it because Malaysians would like it if you greet them in their local language and you might get a warm reply as well. s


Yes! Keep this Malaysia Travel Tip in mind. Air Asia and several other companies provide cheap flights for you to travel to different places such as Kuala Lumpur. Now everyone can fly even if they have a low budget with them.

  • Easy travel during Ramadan

Malaysia is a Muslim dominated country and Ramadan is observed very keenly. However, there are not such restrictions on foreigners and tourists on not consuming any food. The visitors are free to eat, drink and smoke at public places during the month of Ramadan.

However, it is considered as a positive and friendly gesture to refrain from eating in public.

  • English is the common language

You do not need to worry about learning the local language of the area. Even if you are not familiar with Bahasa, English is widely spoken and understood and will get you whatever you are looking for.

  • Not all the Malaysians are punctual

Nothing else can be truer than this. In fact, Malaysians are not the time or punctuality conscious and you might expect your travel guide to show up a little late than scheduled. Some people may find it annoying, but if you are planning to visit Malaysia, you must adjust yourself to the calm and relaxed manner of local people.

  • Tourist police

This is perhaps what every tourist should know about. In Malaysia and especially in Kuala Lumpur, there is a specific tourist police. These can be recognized by a checkered headband, which is a part of their customary dark blue shirts and trousers. Also, there is a letter I (stands for “Information”) embroidered on the red and blue badge on the breast pocket of the shirt.

The tourist police usually patrol at the tourist site and spots to assist you and provide help in case of any emergency.

  • Plan your Shopping spree

In Malaysia, all the major hotels are surrounded by mini markets which sell local traditional things. The markets have almost anything a tourist can possibly think of, hence shopping is not a problem. A little suggestion here is to purchase those things which are only found in Malaysia, so as to keep a monument or two, of your travel.

Some of the best shopping centers to visit in Malaysia are:

Suria KLCC- It is one of the best and latest shopping centers in the capital.

Petaling street- The main part of the busy Chinatown of Kuala Lumpur

  • Scuba diving is a must

Malaysia is known for some of the best Scuba diving spots. If you are up for an adventurous vacation, then Scuba diving is a must. The most popular spot are the islands, which are located on the eastern coast of peninsular Malaysia. These include the islands of Perhentian, Tioman, Redang and a number of others. The most popular dive spot is Sipadan, which is located at the easternmost tip of Malaysian Borneo. However, it is important to remember that the time period suitable for Scuba diving is limited from April to September.

  • Cycling a leisurely pass time

Cycling is not only a favorite pastime of the locals but also a cheap way to explore Malaysia. If you are up for the exploration of the local trends, culture, traditions, art and architecture, then grab a bicycle and go on the streets for roaming about. This will gain you much richer tourist-like experiences than u have expected.

  • Easy internet connectivity

Internet connectivity is easy and the facilities are widely available. Malaysia is one of those countries which offer 4G connectivity. Free W-Fi is available at restaurants, coffee shops, fast food outlets, shopping areas etc. The provisions are also made for City-wide wireless connections. Kuala Lumpur International Airport provides free Wi-Fi throughout the premises of Airport.

  • Telephonic communication

The country code of Malaysia is 60. If you are to dial a Malaysian contact number, you must remember following points

To call from overseas: First dial the international access code, the country code, the area code without dialing 0, followed by the phone number.

To call from outside the local area: first, dial the area code, and then the phone number.

To call from the local area: Simply dial the required the phone number.

  • Animal lovers are in the right spot

Malaysia is one of those countries considered to be “Megadiverse”. Being an eco-friendly country, it houses 20 % of the world’s animal species, including some of the rare ones. To preserve the species and enhance the natural wildlife, some of the animals including Orangutan, wild elephants and tigers roam free in some forest areas. A tourist who loves animals or has a tendency for natural, wildlife photography can give themselves a treat by visiting forest areas in Malaysia.

  • Culture is not too conservative

Although Malaysia is a Muslim country and a tourist might need to dree modestly and go for only Halal food, the environment is not strictly conservative. Many of the locals do not bother to care if someone is wearing shorts or skirts, or eating in Ramadan when it’s daytime. Any tourist can roam about freely, in the manner he or she likes. However, to observe local etiquettes is just a part of tourism manners and etiquettes, and makes you appear a decent person.

  • Petronas tower, a must visit

The biggest tourist attraction in Kuala Lumpur is the Petronas tower. It is advised to visit this tower at night time and secure a place at the observation deck. The lighting at the night time perfectly accentuates the architectural features of these towers. It is a great sight to capture some wonderful photos and spend a great time.

  • Train lovers found what they wanted

The train system in the entire country is amazing. It has been developed keeping in mind the convenience of local and foreign people. The trains can carry you virtually everywhere, to the shopping areas, to different cities, to the airport and wherever is your destination. It is a cheap form of travel and would not expend all your resources on mere traveling.

  • Download your Uber app

To save your expenses on mere travel, you may need to download your Uber app. Uber has quite nominal rates and can get you anywhere on time in the most comfortable environment. This also saves your expense on MRT.

  • Save an offline map

It is best to save an offline map of the area you are planning to visit. It will assist you even when you are traveling alone and will prevent any incidents of getting lost. The maps will tell you about the nearest restaurants, hotels and other places as well.

  • Find promo hotels

If you are on a budget than the promo hotels in Kuala Lumpur may provide you with a low-cost lodging. A room in one of them can also be booked online. These hotels do not have any booking fees or additional charges and save a lot of your money. if you are visiting with family then there are some best resorts in Malaysia for families, however, you can book them online prior to departure so you can get discounted prices.

Best Resorts In Malaysia For Families

  • Malaysians, big fans of social media

Malaysians are regarded as the most e-social active nation of the world. 87.9 % of Malaysians are on facebook and other social sites. So if you manage to make a Malaysian BFF, be ready to receive a large number of notifications from him/ her! They will be your most enthusiastic follower and will leave a comment on each of your post.

Traveling to Malaysia can be a great fun! Follow this Malaysia Travel Guide and have much more enjoyment on your trip.

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