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If you are planning your Maldives Vacations, it is better to get some Maldives travel tips from an expert or some research before catching your flight. With this little effort, the more you experience, the better you enjoy, find the best budget Maldives resorts and make most out of your trip. Maldives is known especially for its white sandy beaches, clean blue water, and 5-star resorts. It is situated in the Indian Ocean in South Asia. There are about 1190 beaches and disappearing slowly due to the water erosion. Let have a look on some of the facts one should know before going to the Maldives.

It is a Muslim Nation

Maldives is a 100% Muslim populated area. Islamic rules are strictly imposed throughout Maldives. There is no alcohol consumption, local population doesn’t even touch alcoholic drinks. Pork is banned and no pork products are available in the market. Women should wear modest clothing. Nudity is not allowed, even on the beaches and women can’t be in the bathing suits or bikini etc. No public displays of affection are allowed.
But rules are limited to the public. In the resorts, you can do your stuff. Alcohol or pork food is available in there for non-Muslim tourists. Nudity and topless sunbath are still restricted in resorts.

Drinking Water

Ever heard about reverse osmosis desalination? This is the process in which salt is removed from seawater. This recycling process turns salty water into drinkable fresh water. But this process also takes away some essential mineral from it. After few days you can start feeling sluggish. There are no sports rehydration drinks available except some energy drinks. The better thing is to keep oral rehydration (ORS) like Peditral from any pharmacy. This will help you in order to maintain minerals and salts levels in your blood.

Ocean Life

In the North and South America, it is very hard to find a glimpse of whales or dolphins. If you want to watch ocean life, go to Maldives. You can find whales and schools of dolphins everywhere throughout the year. Maldives is famous for catching a sight of a Whale Shark, the world’s largest fish cruising in the clean blue waters. There are about 2000 fish species in the area. Underwater marine life is the tourist’s main attraction.

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Re-Check your luggage

You cannot take some items with you to Maldives. For example, tobacco products without health warning sticker on them, alcohol, Pork products and religious literature except for Islamic books. To avoid hassles at the airport, recheck your inventory just in case if you are taking banned stuff with you. Islamic law is strictly applied in Maldives and there is no exception. Government though facilitates non-Muslim visitors by making this stuff available in the resorts. However, these things are not allowed in public.

Strange glow on the beach at night

During some specific times in the year, some glowing things, like the stars in the sky appear on the beach. It seems like a fairy tale or a science fiction. This amazing view is sighted at Dusit Thani Maldives. This may be the luminous plankton in water glowing in the light. If you want to witness this display, check timings with resort management. This resort is located on the private island hosting number of water sports and indoor pools. That time is the best place to propose your love one.

Accommodations and transport on budget

Maldives is one of the most expensive and lavish countries in the world. There is the tax on almost everything and increasing fast. Resorts prices range from hundreds to $10k per night. You cannot just walk between islands and will have to find transport as soon as you land. You may find seaplanes but they are too expensive. They may charge you $1000 –$1100 in an even close distance. Take the ferry, it costs 1$ per 20 minutes’ travel. If you are really on a budget, consider $40 to $50 private rooms.


A prior entry permit is not required. Visa is issued on arrival for 30 days. Your passport should be valid for at least six months. You will be required to show ticket to continue your journey or prove you have enough funds ($50 – $100 per day) to stay. You can also show a confirmed hotel reservation. This temporary visa can be extended 60 more days if reapplied before expiry in the concerned office. Visa fee for extension is 750 Rufiyaa. Visitors who stay beyond the visa limit, they may be deported.

The best time to visit Maldives is from November to April. The most popular season starts from mid-November to March. If you are planning to visit or booking Maldives resorts, stick to the dry season as there is no point in wasting time during rains. High heels won’t work as the area is sandy. There are many points tourists can learn only after a visit. If you have any unique experience in Maldives, you can help others, who are planning their Maldives vacations by sharing travel tips in the comments section below.

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