Privacy Policy

Our basic belief is to provide utmost protection and confidentiality when it comes to consumer privacy. Therefore, we only require and ask for information that pertains to the services we provide. This information is only used where necessary for travel services without giving or selling any part of it to anyone. This policy aims to describe and set out what information we collect from our customers, how and where we use it, and what security measures we adopt to ensure the fact that no part of your personal information is breached or otherwise mistreated.

Collection of personal information

Your personal information usually includes things like your name, gender, address, date of birth, email address, nationality, travel details, etc. These sections of your information are only required to assist us in giving you what you need and providing all those services that are expected of us. These details may also used for several business purposes for example during your interaction with us, responding to your service requests, suggesting alternate travel packages or simply when processing your requests. This information is collected through several ways. The most common way is directly through you which is more like firsthand information. Another way is through our personal travel managers or perhaps through use of cookies and such related technologies.

Uses of information

The basic and primary aim or purpose of collecting personal information from you is to provide travel related services to our customers without any sort of inconvenience. These services may include making bookings on your behalf with airlines, hotels and tour groups, following up with you on the particular travel services that you have requested of us, fulfilling the necessary information processes like billing and payments, or providing you with and making you aware of any sort of marketing deals or promotions that may be going on at any point in time.

We will only use the information provided by you for the intention that it was given. We will not sell our client database to any third party unless the circumstances require us to.


A cookie is small file placed on your hard disk which stores information of your use of our website. Our website uses cookies in order to improve and enhance your experience with us by delivering according to your interests.