Top 10 Asian Foods to Eat


With so many recipes in the Asian cuisine, if often becomes difficult to choose one. To make things a bit easier for you, we have compiled a list of top ten and authentic Asian foods. These recipes are famous worldwide and you can find them in many Asian restaurants in Europe, America, and Australia. Asian food is famous for spices as they are common in the most Asian dishes, but traditional cooking style and main ingredient varies between different Asian regions. The southwest style comes from Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka where hot spices, ghee, chapatti, and beef is widely used. The cuisines from the Middle East, mostly Arab countries use nan (flat bread) with mutton, beef, and vegetables.

General Tso’s Chicken

It is a Chinese dish, served in many North American Chinese restaurants. The basic ingredients include Soya sauce, rice wine, sugar, garlic and red chili. The one served in America is sweet, but the original recipe is not sweet and the skin is not removed from chicken. The founder Peng Chang-Kuei (late) introduced it in America.
Best asian Foods

Sesame chicken

It is a synthetic dish and widely available in Chinese restaurants. You can also easily cook it at home. It is made from boneless chicken, which is deep fried, Asian sweet sauce, vinegar, and wine. Sesame seeds are added later. Its original recipe is sweet, but you’ll mostly find it in spicy flavor in most restaurants.
Sesame chicken-Asian Cuisine


This is one of the most famous Vietnamese dishes. The soup contains beef flavored with coriander and ginger, while rice, beef, chicken and noodles are other basic ingredients. Although it takes some time to cook, it looks great and the taste is worth the wait. This noodle soup is mostly served at breakfast, but can also be enjoyed any other time.

Pad Thai

This dish comes from Thailand and is famous worldwide. However, it is very hard to find the dish outside the country of origin. It is fried rice cooked with noodles, fish sauce, prawns, peanuts, chili powder, sugar, onions, and eggs. The dish is served with fresh lemons and is commonly found in the local restaurants of Thai streets.
Pad Thai-Asian Dish


It is traditional noodle rice, served in spicy soup and mostly available with beef or chicken in Malaysia and Singapore. The spicy noodle soup can be prepared on demand and you can ask for a specific amount of spices according to your taste. There are two types of Laska, Curry Laska, and Assam Laska. Some seafood like prawns and Cockles are added as well to make it even tastier.

Chicken Manchurian

This spicy dish is widely cooked in South Asia. It is stirred in flour and deeply fried. Main ingredients include chicken, ginger garlic, red chili, and egg.
Chicken Manchurian


Compared to other beef-based dishes, it’s quite different in many ways. Beef in this recipe is boiled so much that it becomes very soft and is famous in India and Pakistan. Nihari is served with fresh lemons, ginger sticks with Nan (flat bread).


A must try Korean recipe Bulgogi means fire meat. Thin slices are tossed in the mixture of soy sauce, sesame oil, sugar, red pepper, garlic, and meat. Meat is grilled along with onion and garlic for an even better taste. In 2011, Bulgogi ranked 23rd most delicious food globally and is widely available in the Korean restaurants.
Bulgogi-Korean Food


This is also a Korean dish and the Spicy Rice Cake is a very popular street food. It takes water, rice and fish cake, pepper paste, anchovies and a tablespoon of sugar to prepare this dish. Meokswidonna restaurant in Seoul is one of the best places if you truly want to enjoy the dish.

Sushi Rolls

One should never miss Sushi when traveling to Japan. There are many varieties of this dish which is prepared with seafood and sometimes rice and other vegetables. There are many types of sushi rolls like Temaki, Futomaki, Hosomaki and Uramaki.
Sushi Rolls

Asian recipes strike taste buds with sizzling hot spices and are mostly roasted in oil. Unlike the west, the authentic Asian foods have a unique chemistry of ingredients and flavors. In the South Asia, flat wheat bread is an essential item, while dishes in China, Korea, and Japan use rice as the main ingredient. If you have tried any of these recipes at home or at a restaurant, you can share your experience with the best dishes of Asian Cuisine in the comments below.

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