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Tourism is an adventurous and fun filled hobby, yet many tourism lovers cannot keep up the pursuit. Some do not have enough time to spare, and yet others think it is expensive to travel. However, some budget tours may help you fulfill your dreams with ease.
Is Norway expensive for travel and tourism? Might be, but we will be telling you today about how to travel to Norway on budget and quench your thirst for new adventures. Here are some basic tips you need to keep in mind if you want to save money.

First things first

A Norwegian’s low fare calendar has a list of all the flights which cost almost 20 euros. However, keep it in mind that a low fare flight might land onto an airport which might be far away from central Oslo. Since air transportation is always a bit on the expensive side, be sure to keep an eye on student or old age discounts or trip packages.
Next, you need to see how you can travel to the main tourist places. Train rides may prove better than the domestic flight. For one, they are inexpensive, for other they provide a beautiful and picturesque journey to add to your trip moments. If you plan to visit the places of Stavanger, Kristiansand or Trondheim, the Lavprisekspressen’s bus ride offers.

Best Time to Travel to Norway

May is perhaps the perfect time because it is the spring season in the Norway. August is known as the berry picking season in this area. Winters are too cold here, so one needs proper clothing if planning to visit Norway in winters. Please make sure that you have the proper visa to enter the Norway. You can check this on their Norway Visa Website.

Inexpensive food

Going to lavish restaurants and enjoying all the expensive delicacies is not an option when you are on a budget. The locals can surely help you out to catch up on good and inexpensive food. Street vendors serve fresh meals and are not expensive. Do not for fresh veggies, chicken fillets or out of season fruits.
Another idea is to buy groceries and cook your meals for yourself. The supermarket chain REMA 1000 would suit all your needs. This offers a lot of budget offers and inexpensive foods.

Place to stay

If you have a plan for a camping trip and you have your own tent and sleeping bag, this idea might save you a lot of money. The campsites around the area of Fjord Norway have some really beautiful surroundings to explore and cherish the beauty of nature. If you do not have the arrangement of your own tent, you can always rent a cabin. Norway is also famous for its resorts available for vacations.
Other than that, there are a number of hotel chains which offer bonus cards. Moreover, if you avail an accommodation, the hotel is likely to offer you a discount on the train tickets or car rent.
In Fjord Norway, one can find as many as 25 youth hostels. One can find a single, double or a family lodging as per required.

Exploring Norway

The Fjord Norway region provides the tourists a number of opportunities for hiking. It is a cheap yet a fun filled idea to explore the natural beauty of the area
For a simpler exploring, you can always hitch a bicycle and wander the streets on it. You are going to find some real traditions and culture of this region, the beauty of everyday life. If you are on a bit artistic side, you will seem to notice the architectural niceties and the artistic touch in the surroundings.
Fishing is absolutely free in Norway and the waters have some really nice fish. You can go on a fish hunt and then prepare a meal for yourself at the beach with the freshly caught fish and a potato or two. It is the cheapest yet most enjoyable idea.
Fjord Norway is also full of nature attractions. They are free and can be accessed easily. 11 to 20 of the biggest glaciers in the world are found in this region. Other than that, lovely waterfalls and fjords are a sure way to attract the attention of the tourists.

Average Cost of trip to Norway

An approximate cost of a trip to Norway is around NOK 958 (115$). However, this can be more or less depending upon the accommodation, food, entertainment.

The tourist is sure to enjoy the trip to Norway on a budget if he/she follow the tips and tricks. Remember, the key point is to look for any discounts and avail them to their best. Have a happy trip to Norway.

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